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Applejack & Peel FO

This is a year round best seller. It's a wonderful blend of baked apple, orange peel, and spice notes of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg with a whisper of vanilla.

Blueberry Delight FO

You'll be delighted with this fresh, juicy, wild blueberry scent.

Brown Sugar FO

This long time favorite is a delicious fragrance, sweet and grainy, just like real brown sugar.

Candy Cane FO

This delicious refreshing fragrance is just like real candy canes. It's icy, fresh and minty with a touch of sweetness.

Chocolate Truffle FO

This delicious sweet, smooth chocolate fragrance is yummy, rich and very chocolaty.

Christmas Spice FO 

This is a wonderful, traditional blend that’s sure to take you back to Christmas past. It opens with the fresh, citrus scent of mandarin oranges, spicy, sweet cinnamon and warm, aromatic, clove bud.

Cinnamon FO

The name says it all. Cinnamon, warm and spicy.

Coconut FO

Coconut is a plain, yummy, strong coconut fragrance with nothing extra.

Crazy Cranberry FO

This is a fresh, fruity blend of cranberry with sweet orange and fresh crispy apples jazzed with spicy cinnamon.

Crisp Green Apple FO

This realistic scent is fresh, crisp and tart just like cold, green, delicious apples.

Cucumber FO

This is the most realistic, fresh, delicious cucumber fragrance you could ever imagine.

Damask Rose FO 

This beautiful damask rose fragrance is an intoxicating duplication of real Rose Damask Absolute with a slight peppery note.

Dragon's Blood FO

This is a warm, appealing scent with notes of sensual tropical flowers, exotic patchouli and aromatic cedar wood.

Endless Summer FO

All the scents of summer in one bottle. From the green herbs, fresh spices and aromatic lavender in the garden, through orchards of ripe apples and the meadows of wild flowers, to the woody oaks of the forest, this fragrance has it all.

Eucalyptus EO

This oil has a warm, camphoraceous scent. Its many properties include antiseptic, antiviral, balsamic, and deodorant.

Freesia FO

Freesia is a highly popular flowering plant. This light, crisp floral scent with its citrus bergamot top notes, floral middle and woody base is wonderful.

Gardenia Blossom FO

Gardenia is one of those oils that is used extensively in perfumery. You will love this beautiful version, which is a strong, lovely gardenia.

Gingerbread FO

This great scent smells just like a gingerbread cookie.

Grapefruit EO

This citrus oil has a fresh, sweet, citrus scent very reminiscent of pink grapefruit.

Honey & Almond FO

This is a delicious natural oil that smells like almonds bathed in sweet honey.

Jasmine Garden FO

This magical scent of a garden full of delicate, white jasmine flowers is very enchanting and velvety.

Lavender EO 

This oil is slightly woody, but very herbaceous and floral. Lavender oil is very calming and is used in aromatherapy.

Lemon EO

Lemon oil is cold pressed from the fresh peel of lemons. It has a sharp, fresh, citrus scent.

Lilac Blossoms FO 

This fresh floral with sweet undertones is hands down the most realistic lilac ever smelled.

Lily of the Valley FO

This is such a pretty scent, it has a fresh, floral scent is just like real lilies of the valley.

Lime EO 

This is a fresh, sweet, sharp citrus scent.

Magnolia FO

This fragrance is just like the flowers of the tree, pretty and sweet.

Mango Tango FO

This tropical fruit fragrance is a realistic, balanced blend of sweet and tart.

Northern Springs FO

This terrific unisex scent is cool, and spring-watery. It is fresh and airy with hints of citrus.



An earthy woody cedarwood patchouli type with a dry spicy top note, cedarwood, phenolic middle note.  Very warm feel.

Peppermint EO

This familiar oil is a strong, sharp scent.

Pineapple FO 

This is a very sweet, reminder of summer. When combined with coconut makes for a wonderful summer pina colada.

Pumpkin Pie FO

This delicious pumpkin pie fragrance smells like Thanksgiving dessert in a bottle. Not only does it have all the spice notes you'd expect, but it has the pumpkin scent too.

Raspberry Delight FO

This raspberry is fresh, sweet and tart.

Red Serge for Men FO

This is a light citrus and neroli top that moves quickly to an aromatic middle of sage, tarragon, cardamom and pepper all atop a base of sandalwood, cedar and coumarin.

Sandalwood Mysore FO

This is an exotic full-bodied duplication of sandalwood mysore enriched with precious woods of vetiver and copaiba balsam.

Spearmint EO 

Spearmint’s warm, spicy, minty scent is sweeter than peppermint.

Strawberry Delight FO

This is a delicious tangy, yet creamy strawberry fragrance.

Sweet Orange EO

This fresh, fruit, citrus scent is very light.

Tea Tree EO

This oil has a warm, spicy scent that has a very strong antiseptic scent.

Vanilla Satin FO

Vanilla Satin is smooth and has a velvety aroma.

Wild Watermelon FO 

This juicy, fresh watermelon fragrance is very realistic. Smelling this reminds us of watermelon on the porch and seed spitting fights.

Yuzu Japanese FO

Yuzu is a citrus fruit with a strong, grapefruit-y scent.


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